Sunday, 19 May 2013

8 months and counting

This is my first attempt at blogging on my own! I have previously written for the Nursing Times about my families experience in caring for my dad who had Alzheimer's however I have not written much since he died.
This does not mean however that I haven't been busy campaigning for better care because I have. Many of you will know me from twitter @nursemaiden this is where I am most days chatting, posting links and networking with like minded people who care like I do about those living with dementia. For me twitter has been a life saver not only whilst my dad Ray was alive but also as I continue to campaign in his honour.

My thoughts for this blog are around sharing our journey from diagnosis up until his death and then work with you to take that learning and see how we can use it to improve care for others living with dementia right now. As a nurse I found the system totally disjointed and reactive, what I would like to see is a coordinated, integrated health and social care system that proactively manages the care for those living with dementia. Not a reactive service that relies on the acute sector as its default care provider. We know that in many cases hospital care can cause rapid deteriation in an individuals condition and I intend to write about my dads time in hospital prior to his death in future blogs.

I hope you will find my dads story inspires you to improve the care you give whatever your role and I hope you will join me in my journey as I work to raise the profile of dementia and improve the care and support to those living with it. Together we must find a way to make a difference, come let's make a start........thanks for listening.



  1. As someone who saw your *head banging against the wall* and heard your mothers cry for help, I look forward to your blogs. A very selfless journey for you and your family to endure, but yet you remain strong enough to share your fathers experience. You can dissect the pathway and highlight new and informed ways of helping others who are encapsulated in the world of dementia. Keep going mother, daughter, nurse, advocate and a bloody good woman! X

  2. Thank you Dawn for your very kind comments. There is so much I want to talk about and share as a daughter and nurse. Hopefully my insight can be used by those who commission and provide services for those living with dementia. Many changes do not cost money it's about working differently and putting communication as your number one priority. Such much could be achieved if we talked to each other and worked together putting the patient/ individual at the heart of all that we do. X

  3. Hi Sally-Ann.
    I am the writer for Alzheimer's Society's magazine Living with Dementia and I think your experience with your dad's dementia and insight into hospital care would be something that a lot of our readers would identify with.
    I would love the opportunity to interview you and create an article to spread awareness and share your story. Please email me on for more info if you think this is something you would be willing to do. :)